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2019-10-08 10:22:36

Don't compete with iron for aluminium

Magnets, whose atomic structure is relatively special, are called poles at both ends of the magnet. First of all, they are magnetic in themselves. Magnets can generate magnetic fields and attract ferromagnetic materials. Today, let's reveal why magnets only love iron but not aluminium.


When it meets a magnet, the internal atoms are arranged neatly under the action of the magnet and attracted by the magnet. So, can magnets attract all matter? The answer is No. For example, aluminium, which is a paramagnetic material, has almost no magnetic field inside.


Although a certain magnetic field will be generated when a magnet is encountered, it is very weak, less than one-tenth of a million of iron, so it will not be attracted by the magnet. This can also explain why the aluminum pot can not be used on the induction cooker, so some people use the aluminum pot when cooking, Xiaobian seems that it is not ready to wait for the meal.


Also, copper is not attracted by magnets, because copper is a diamagnetic substance that produces a repulsion when exposed to a magnetic field. Therefore, magnets can attract ferromagnetic materials such as iron, but not paramagnetic and antimagnetic materials such as aluminum and copper.


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