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2019-10-25 14:04:47

How are NdFeB strong magnets produced?

Perhaps you are wondering how Nd-Fe-B powerful magnets are produced. What machines are needed to produce Nd-Fe-B magnets? What processing equipment? How long does it take to produce a batch of NdFeB? Below the magnet manufacturer Karich Xiaobian for you to introduce one by one.


How to produce Nd-Fe-B magnets?


The production of Nd-Fe-B high-strength magnet mainly depends on the slicing machine. Neodymium-iron-boron strong magnet hair germ material is bought back, and then processed according to the size of each customer's demand. However, the production and processing equipment of Neodymium-iron-boron strong magnet is relatively simple and single. The slicer that produces and processes Neodymium-iron-boron strong magnet can only cut slowly with one knife and one knife at a time when it is finished, and the material has to be re-bonded and re-typesetted. The production efficiency of Nd-Fe-B strong magnet is seriously damaged. After years of exploration, Nd-Fe-B strong magnet production slicer has been improved many times, the development of multi-wire cutting slicer has been successful, regardless of punching production efficiency or processing technology has greatly improved, before every cut a good size, it needs to re-stick material layout cutting, and multi-wire cutting avoids this problem.


What's the difference between a multiline microtome and a conventional microtome?


There are five slicing modes of vertical stop position (upper and lower) for two samples: single, continuous, step-by-step, half-knife and programming. The slicing speed is automatically adjusted according to the slicing thickness, and the repairing function can be turned off. In the automatic state, the parameters of the repair block can be adjusted automatically, and in the manual state, the parameters of the repair block can be determined by programming. Slice thickness and repair thickness can be independently selected and stored. Visual signal and sound signal indicate that the limit of forward and backward when sampling and the remaining sampling distance are the machines for slicing thin and uniform tissue slices. The tissue is supported by hard cast iron or pig iron. The required distance is automatically pushed forward (towards the direction of the knife) by the slice thickness device every time to control the dimensional accuracy of Nd-Fe-B strong magnet. The gradient of the thickness device is usually 1 micro. Rice. When paraffin-embedded tissues are cut, slices of multiple slices are made because they adhere to the wax edge of the previous slice.


Manufacturing process: Nd-Fe-B is manufactured by powder metallurgy


Process flow: batching smelting ingot powder making pressing sintering tempering magnetic testing grinding pinning electroplating finished products.


The process of cutting a finished product into an electroplated product: material - adhesive - cutting - black sheet inspection - boiling - collecting - polishing - electroplating - white sheet inspection - finished product.


How long does it take to produce NdFeB?


Normal disc magnets take 7-10 days, disc punching takes 12-15 days, and square cutting takes 3 knives to shape, and 10-12 days. So don't worry about your relatives.

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