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2019-09-02 14:58:24

How do strong magnets be produced?

The "cutting" of the strong magnet manufacturer usually uses the automatic slicer. If you want to cut the magnet neatly, you must fix the magnet and adjust the limit of the automatic slicer, then you can carry out the cutting.


The ways of production and processing include cutting and cutting, laser cutting and spark discharge cutting. The appearance of strong magnet used in every manufacturing industry has various functions with manufacturers of strong magnet, such as: circular disc, cylinder, ring and barrel (with internal threads). Square and lattice; fan, tile, ladder, groove, polygonal irregular figure and its arc shape.


When the temperature exceeds a certain critical temperature, the order of the molecular magnetic moments of the magnets becomes more and more disorderly due to the aggravation of the thermal exercise of the molecules, so the magnetic tape will fade away. This critical temperature is called Curie temperature. The Curie temperature of the more common ferrite magnets is about 350 degrees Celsius, the high temperature strong magnets in Chengnan, and the Nd-Fe-B magnets are about 310 degrees. If the temperature is lower than Curie temperature, the object will have magnetic tape again.


In the whole process of the earth's rotation, the rotational speed of the inner and outer core is different. When liquid iron and nickel in the outer core flows through the original magnetic field (sunlight magnetic field), the current will be generated according to the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Therefore, the new electrostatic field will cause the magnetic field on the contrary. Therefore, the magnetic field caused by the principle of geonuclear generator is not easy to fade in high temperature natural environment.


The relative density of embryos inhibited in the stage of fixed-term forming of magnetic field is about the same, while the ideal relative density of Nd-Fe-B magnets after calcination should be up and down. Therefore, in restraining larger cylinders and lattices, deformation and specification deviation are caused by large shrinkage and easy cracking, and high-temperature strong magnet dealers need to put in equal negative. The relative density of embryogenic embryos is increased by the press according to the equal negative pressure. The relative density of embryogenic embryos after equal negative pressure is as follows: at the present stage, other specifications of magnet manufacturer must undergo the equal negative pressure stage except for low characteristic small pillars (10mm below) which swing boxes immediately after sintering, while the equal negative pressure embryogenic embryos must undergo the equal negative pressure stage in order to avoid oil immersion and surface air. In order to oxidize, vacuum pump must be packaged and oil stripping should be carried out before the furnace.


The principle of equal negative pressure machine is Pascal's principle. The embryo of the soft mould sleeve is put into the sealed ultra-wide claw vessel. According to the booster pump, gear oil is continuously pressed into the sealed vessel, so that the working pressure of the hydraulic press in the sealed vessel is continuously increased by gao. Usually, the working pressure is 150-610 MPa. The liquid pressed by the temple evenly acts on the surface of the vulcanized rubber buffer block and reduces the granulating material in the buffer block to form it. Because the characteristic of isonegative pressure is that the working pressure is the same in each orientation, the relative density of the formed hair embryo is uniform, the structure is symmetrical and anisotropic.


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