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2020-04-09 10:21:27

How to choose coating for iron boron magnet?

During our work, we will definitely choose to treat every step strictly. If there is a problem, it will certainly appear in our later use process. Then let's learn how to choose coating for iron boron magnet?

The appropriate coating shall be selected according to the use environment. Now, the application of NdFeB magnet is more and more extensive. The most common coatings on the market are zinc plating and nickel plating. These two kinds of coatings are the most common and practical coatings on the market, because referring to the previous, we know that these two kinds of coatings have the least impact on the magnetic properties. There is also a price factor. The price order is: Zn < Ni < epoxy resin < polymer material coating. Under the influence of market economy, many products are compressing production cost to gain price advantage in the market. Therefore, zinc plating and nickel plating have become the most practical and mainstream coatings in the market without affecting the magnetic properties. In fact, the coating is not in the province There are good or bad, just to choose a suitable coating to achieve the desired effect is the best.


Finally, we will study the galvanizing and nickel plating Coating quality is different from that of other manufacturers. The main reason is the length of chamfering and electroplating time. Without understanding the electroplating of magnets, we should know how to judge the quality of the coating. In fact, one of the simplest and fastest ways is to look at the coating. The brighter the coating, the better the quality. So when choosing to order magnets, try to choose the industry In order to ensure the quality of the coating, we have a well-known enterprise.

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