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2020-03-24 10:01:30

How to protect and use the permanent magnet suction cup under the condition of high and low temperature

(1) Fill in antifreeze. Antifreeze can be used when the temperature is too low and conditions permit. The cooling system shall be thoroughly cleaned before use, and the antifreeze with good quality and low corrosiveness shall be selected to avoid the corrosion of parts due to the inferior quality of antifreeze. For equipment not using antifreeze in winter, add hot water of about 80 ℃ every day when the drain switch is turned on before use, and turn off the drain switch when the hot water flows out, so as to improve the temperature of the machine body; after each day's operation, turn on all drain switches to drain the cooling water. After draining, keep the switch in the open position to avoid unclean draining.


(2) Do a good job in heat preservation of permanent magnet sucker. In winter, the water temperature of the permanent magnet suction cup rises slowly, especially the water temperature is lower. In order to ensure the reliable work of the permanent magnet suction cup, reduce oil consumption and mechanical wear, it is necessary to do a good job in heat preservation. In general, the curtain can be placed in front of the permanent magnet suction cup water tank to block the water tank, reduce heat loss, maintain the temperature of the permanent magnet suction cup, and prevent the temperature from being too low.


(3) Remove the scale in the water jacket and check and maintain the drain switch. Clean the water jacket of the permanent magnet suction cup, remove the internal scale, prevent excessive scale accumulation, affect the heat dissipation of the permanent magnet suction cup and make the temperature of the machine too high. At the same time, maintain the drain switch. If the scale is blocked, the performance is not good or damaged, repair or replace it according to the specific situation. Do not use bolts or rags instead, otherwise it is easy to affect the water drainage and cause the accident of frostbreak parts.


(4) Check the working condition of water-cooled permanent magnet chuck thermostat. Ensure the thermostat works well, prevent the water temperature of permanent magnet suction cup from being too low or too high, so as to reduce the wear of parts. The internal combustion engine often runs at low temperature, which will cause the wear of the parts to multiply. In order to ensure the rapid temperature rise of the permanent magnet suction cup in winter, the method of removing the thermostat can be adopted, but it must be reinstalled before the arrival of summer.


(5) Change the hydraulic or hydraulic transmission oil. Before the arrival of winter, the hydraulic system and hydraulic transmission system of the working device of the equipment shall be replaced with the hydraulic and hydraulic transmission oil used in winter to prevent the working device hydraulic system and transmission system from working badly due to the increase of the viscosity of the oil in winter, or even the failure of the working device unable to operate and the equipment unable to walk.


(6) Replace the fuel. Choose the fuel with low freezing point and good low temperature fluidity. At low temperature, the viscosity of the fuel increases, the fluidity becomes poor, and the atomization is poor, which leads to the deterioration of the combustion process of the fuel, and the start-up, power and economy of the permanent magnet suction cup are obviously reduced. Therefore, the fuel with a lower freezing point should be selected under conditions. The general selection principle is: the freezing point of fuel oil is 6 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature.


(7) Change gear oil and grease. When the construction machinery enters into winter operation, the transmission, reducer and steering gear shall be replaced with winter gear oil, and the hub bearing shall be replaced with low dropping point grease.


(8) Change the oil. Choose permanent magnet sucker oil with low viscosity. At low temperature, the viscosity of the engine oil increases with the decrease of temperature, the fluidity becomes poor, and the friction resistance increases, which will cause the difficulty of starting the permanent magnet chuck. Therefore, the engine oil with low viscosity should be replaced in time to make up for or eliminate this adverse effect.

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