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2019-11-04 10:53:35

How to remove impurities in NdFeB permanent magnetic materials

As we all know, the processing of NdFeB magnets is basically carried out in a vacuum environment, and impurities are not easy to mix in. Because of the active chemical properties of NdFeB permanent magnetic materials, impurities are all involved in the oxidation of metals. Therefore, the finished product needs to be electroplated and coated. However, the quality of electroplate coating is closely related to its pretreatment, which generally includes degreasing, derusting, activation and other processes. In this pretreatment process, if one of the links is not treated cleanly, it will cause blistering, peeling and other problems. If the defective NdFeB magnet parts are installed on the equipment, it is likely to cause the whole machine failure.


The forging metal material is more precise than NdFeB permanent magnet material. NdFeB permanent magnet material belongs to microporous material. Its porosity brings a lot of difficulties and time-consuming to electroplating pretreatment. In addition to removing the alkaline and acid substances on the surface of the workpiece and the dirt brought in by the processing process, it is also necessary to consider how to remove the dirt in the micropore.


For low grade permanent magnet materials with low general requirements, the previous pretreatment process is: alkaline degreasing - water washing - Pickling - water washing - surface activation - electroplating. This process is relatively simple, but it requires a high degreaser. It needs a special degreaser of NdFeB. The formula of this degreaser is complex, and it needs many kinds of raw materials, so the user preparation process is very troublesome.


Since the emergence of high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine in industrial production, these problems have been solved one by one. The unique cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning can make the alkaline and acid substances remaining in the micropores of permanent magnet material be removed better!

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