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2019-06-28 16:21:26

How to separate NdFeB magnets?

Magnet surface can be generally used for gold plating, tin, chromium, nickel, zinc, phosphating, epoxy resin and other anti-corrosion treatment. Magnets stick together is what we often see, because magnets stick together, occupy a small area, and it is more convenient to accept. The only trouble is to separate the magnets, because the attraction between the magnets is very large, sometimes do not master the method, may also hurt the hand. How to separate NdFeB magnets ?


Neodymium iron boron magnet


1) Workers must wear gloves to protect their hands.

2) Remove iron objects, watches, mobile phones, magnetic cards around magnets.

3) Magnets should be placed on wooden tables (materials that magnets do not adsorb), leaving room for differences in height.

4) Fix the magnet on the edge of the table, press the pre-separated magnet by hand, and exert force downward.

5) Before the magnet is separated by 0.5 meters, it can not relax its strength. It should be maintained so as not to re-suck the magnet.


These are some methods and precautions for NdFeB magnets. We must pay attention to safety in order to ensure that we are not injured. There are magnets in the home, but also need to pay attention to the point is not to let children touch magnets, in order to avoid harm.


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