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2020-04-01 10:45:07

How to store NdFeB magnets?

Storage is a very important thing, for example, if one of our clothes is not placed properly, it will be very easy to get wet, or be bitten by rats and insects, which are caused by not storing well. Not to mention other products, it will also be affected, so for magnets, the most afraid is degaussing. It's a waste of a magnet that hasn't been used, because it can't be demagnetized without being stored. So let's learn how to store the NdFeB magnet?


1. The magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets are very strong. You should first avoid holding hands or other parts of your body with magnets. For large size and strong magnetism, you need to pay more attention to safety.


2. Do not attach a strong magnet to a patient who is close to an electronic medical device or who carries a pacemaker and other devices.


3. Do not swallow strong magnets. If swallowed carelessly, it should be treated immediately. Strong magnets should be out of the reach of children.


4. During the use of the magnet, the environment should be kept clean as much as possible to avoid small impurities such as iron scraps adsorbing on the surface of the magnet and affecting the use. Magnetic debris flying into the eyes will cause damage, so it needs to be used carefully.


5. NdFeB magnets should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment. Acidic, alkaline, organic solvent, salt water and high temperature and humidity environment will easily oxidize the magnet, the electroplated layer will fall off, and the magnet will be smashed and demagnetized.


6. The magnetism of a magnet decays when heated at high temperature. Please refer to the temperature tolerance guide for the corresponding performance of the magnet, and be careful not to exceed the standard operating temperature when assembling or using the magnet.


7. Neodymium iron boron magnet is fragile, so when it is used in vibration, impact and other fields, it may break or fall off. Pay attention to collision when using.

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