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2019-11-01 10:54:45

Introduction of UAV motor magnet

There are two kinds of motors for the UAV: one is the inner rotor and the other is the outer rotor. Inner rotor brushless motor means that the motor axis will rotate, the coil is in the motor shell, and the magnet is in the axis The outer rotor brushless motor means that the motor shell will rotate, the coil is on the axis, and the magnet is on the shell.


About UAV Engine


The speed of rotor can be changed by adjusting the speed of each motor, so as to realize the change of lift, thus controlling the flight attitude and position. At present, most of the multi rotor UAVs use BLDC motor. The BLDCM consists of permanent magnet rotor, multi pole winding stator and position sensor. The traditional contact commutator is replaced by semiconductor switch to realize the electronic commutator.


Research progress of UAV Engine magnet


The motor magnet of UAV has made some progress recently. With its advanced and innovative injection molding technology, Aichi steel has realized a 30% reduction in design weight compared with traditional motors. Thus, the carrying capacity and flight time are improved. Some users also use radial ring magnets instead of arc magnets according to many of their claimed advantages.


UAV motor uses 14 pole ring magnet instead of arc section;

1. Easy to assemble

2. Reduce the temperature

3. Improve safety performance

4. Extend service life

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