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2019-10-15 14:47:19

Knowledge of Special Magnets

Special-shaped magnet is called special-shaped because its product shape is not very conventional. The product shapes are: tile magnet, spherical magnet, square magnet, cylindrical magnet, super large ring magnet. The material of product magnet is brittle and the processing procedure is complex. Mainly used in various machines, motors, wind turbines and other industrial applications. Compared with standard magnets, the most widely used heteromorphic magnet materials are neodymium iron boron and ferrite. Especially the electromagnetic tile of special-shaped machine is one of the more common special-shaped magnets.


Special-shaped magnets have the advantages of high cost performance and good mechanical properties. Special-shaped magnets have extremely high magnetic energy product and coercivity, and can absorb 640 times the weight of the product itself. It has been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology. The only disadvantage is that the Curie temperature point of the product is low and the temperature characteristic is poor. Easy to pulverize radiation. The product needs to be improved by adding and adjusting its chemical composition and surface coating treatment, so as to meet the requirements of practical application.


1. Main Applications of Special-shaped Magnets


It is reported that special-shaped magnets are mainly used in electroacoustics, electrical appliances, motors, mobile phones and so on. They are also widely used and may be used in all walks of life.


2. Common special magnets


The common special-shaped magnets are concave-convex magnets, horseshoe magnets, tile magnets, and some sinking magnets.


3. Production process of special magnet


This depends on the specific shape, the material of the magnet is brittle, so the processing procedures are complicated, and various machines are used, such as automatic slicing machine, wire cutting, forming grinder, centerless grinder, punching machine, and other machines.


4. Advantages of Special Magnets


Special-shaped magnets have high cost performance and good mechanical properties. With high magnetic energy product and coercivity, it has been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology.


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