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2019-09-20 13:41:09

What are the high performance NdFeB magnets?

New product features include N28, N30, N33, N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N50, N52 thermostatic basic materials, but also manufacturing a variety of performance heat-resistant new products, including N35M, N38M, N40M, N42M, N45M, N48M, N50M; N30H N48H, N30SH N45SH, NUH NEH NEH, etc.


The use of strong magnets is very common, which can be used in electroacoustics, telecommunication networks, watt-hour meters, motors, memory components, microwave heating components, etc. It can be used to record language, sound, month, graphic information, tape storage equipment of computer system, passenger ride vouchers and ticket clearing tape cards, etc.


Notes for ordering:


In order to be more useful for your manufacturer's products and services, we need to let us issue the following before you confirm the order.


1. Required materials, characteristics, specifications and dimensional tolerances


2. The total number of metal surface treatments required (white iron, electroless nickel plating, etc.)


3. Direction of Magnetization Corresponding to Magnetization


4. Ambient Temperature


5. If special disposal is possible, please report it later.


Tips: Because users need other specifications, models, specifications, materials and so on, the price is only marked on the network, concretely carrying forward the new quotation according to the information you provide.


Enterprises always take good product quality, honest view, delivery guarantee, low cost and price as the foundation, after-sales service center to ensure, dedicated to providing intimate service for new customers.


Magnet tape has good magnetism, strong adsorptive force, high quality and price, integrity-based, after-sales service center is happy!


Customer satisfaction can be customized by all types of specifications and characteristics of magnets!


Can draw sample processing!


Common problem:


1. Temperature: When users use magnets, they should choose the appropriate type of magnet steel through their operating temperature. If the operating temperature exceeds the temperature of the magnet steel, the magnet will gradually de-magnetize until it breaks down. Therefore, check the operating temperature and the type of magnet steel before purchasing.


2. Indoor environment: If the magnets used are installed in the sealed state, then the magnets with non-electric surface and galvanized surface are considered to reduce the cost. If the magnets are leaked in the humid atmosphere, especially in the corrosion-resistant state, it is suggested that the magnets treated by electroless nickel plating on the surface be considered. The magnets should be stored in a dry and restless room with temperature control. The internal environment should be separated and wrapped with plastic, wood chips, cardboard, foam plastic, etc. Bronze ware and valuables easy to be demagnetized should be eliminated, such as computers, televisions, mobile phones, etc.


3. Transportation and accumulation: Nd-Fe-B strong magnetism and ferrite general magnetism, material hard, brittle, electromagnetic field strength, should be handled lightly and carefully (especially large size models and thick plates). When magnet itself is absorbed or separated from other copper vessels, it should be used carefully to avoid collision and fragmentation of damaged magnets or pinch hands, and also need to be preserved in storage. Keep indoor environment dry, do not put on the road at the same time, padded with cardboard or placed on storage shelves.


4. Take precautions: When the magnets can not be pulled apart from each other, it is proposed to push apart flat, not to pull apart hard, use the right hand to determine the whole magnet, use the thumb and thumb to assist the left hand, move the level, and wrap it independently after removal.


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