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2019-11-11 13:33:04

What does n52 magnet mean?

N52 brand NdFeB strong magnet has high magnetic energy product performance. N52 is a performance brand. According to the temperature coefficient, it can be divided into n-grade, m-grade, H-grade, sh-grade, etc. the surface Gauss of n52 5 * 5 is larger than that of n42 5 * 5


Where is the manufacturer of n52 magnet?


N52 magnet magnetic force is strong, the price is not cheap, so the use of this brand of customers is not many, between the basic n35-n48.


N52 neodymium iron boron strong magnet material does exist, and there are technologies that can produce such high-performance materials. However, the materials supplied on the market can reach N48 and N50 at the highest, and n52 neodymium iron boron strong magnet material in the normal circulation of materials on the market is just as hard to find as antiques. The limitation of sintering technology of modern neodymium iron boron strong magnet material, however, is Japan The manufacturing and sintering technology of can sinter and produce the material that really conforms to the performance of n52 NdFeB strong magnet.


Normally, the hairy embryo of N35 NdFeB strong magnet material is f64 * 54 * 35. In general, the magnetization direction of NdFeB strong magnet material will not exceed the length and width of the hairy embryo of the material, because once the magnetization direction of the material is higher than the length and width of the hairy embryo of the material, the magnetization orientation of the magnetic molecules cannot be agreed, that is to say, the phenomenon that the magnet cannot be magnetized will occur Therefore, it is more difficult to produce high performance n52 NdFeB strong magnet material in production process and sintering process than N35 material


Guess you pay attention to n52 magnet parameters

N52 magnet: remanence: 1.44-1.48 (T)

Coercive force: 828-907ka / M

Maximum magnetic energy product: 49.5-52

The operating temperature of n52 magnet is lower than 70 ℃

Specific differences between n52 magnet and N35 magnet

They are magnets of different models. Under the same specification, the magnetic attraction of n52 is much larger than that of N35.


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