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2019-11-15 13:07:08

What is a precision magnet?

Precision magnet? Magnet precision machining? What's the meaning of this? Carrich precision magnet manufacturer small edition on this issue briefly.


Precision magnet, first of all, the two words precision are easy to understand, delicate and meticulous, precise and meticulous, like the components on mobile phones and computers are very precise.


The more refined, the more strict the production requirements of magnets, which is not every manufacturer can do.


Magnet finishing: also known as precision machining, that is to use high-precision processing equipment for production and processing, and finally control the precision size.


Precise size: because of the superior volume of the instrument and equipment, the smaller size of the magnet is also used for making, which is convenient to adapt to various products, does not affect the appearance, but also fully matches the environment when the product is used.


Good material: more than N40 materials are used. Generally, neodymium iron boron is selected, because its magnetism is far superior to other magnetic products, and the magnetic force is several times, dozens or even hundreds of times of the same specification products. Resistance is also extremely good, not only in all kinds of acid and alkali sewers, but also in sweat and other living substances without any corrosion, in extremely bad environment will not appear demagnetization or demagnetization phenomenon.


Surface beauty: the use of zinc, nickel, Perrin, gold and other substances can also ensure that the surface treatment of magnets can cope with the external environment. So that the magnet in the general environment and life will not be deformed due to corrosion, nor will it produce magnetic changes like a bank card. And the appearance is beautiful, and various color surfaces can meet the modern product appearance.


Reasonable price: the improvement of the production line can well avoid any unnecessary cost in the production process. The combination of sales and production can well save the difference between the middlemen and really use the high-quality products of the factory price to evaluate any magnet of the same type on the market.


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