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2020-05-20 14:00:13

What kind of equipment are magnets used in life?

Magnets sound very familiar. Badge Magnets  also very common in our real life. Magnets can absorb iron. Many people have used them, but when asked about the specific application of magnets in daily life, it is difficult to generalize.


What is the relationship between magnets and our life today?


1、 Electroacoustic device: all the sound generating devices such as mobile phones, televisions, acoustics, earphones, etc. are realized by the vibration of magnets as permanent external magnetic fields with coils and vibration membranes.


2、 Electronic equipment: mobile phone, tablet dormant leather cover, etc.


3、 Bags, leather covers and many other items are fixed by magnets.


4、 Medical field: the most commonly used MRI in medical examination. It is to use the magnetic field of human body and the magnetic material carried by the instrument itself to interact, form detection and development, and help people to see the cause of disease. Also in other medical methods, there are many application traces of magnets, such as acupuncture magnetic therapy, magnetic induction detector, etc.


5、 In the field of electrical appliances in daily life, magnets are widely used. Electromagnets are widely used in electromagnetic ovens, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances, so that they can play a better role in environmental protection and safety.

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