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2020-04-15 09:21:11

Why can't strong magnets be too thin?

We all know that it is a solid sintered from rare earth Nd-Fe-B. Its magnetism is very strong and it is used in many fields. It is also a common magnet with large market demand. It has different shapes and sizes, thick and thin, long and short. It is simple and complex. In the years of production experience of our magnet manufacturers, the thickness and length of the magnet have a certain range, not as much as you want, it must conform to the product characteristics of the magnet itself.

Our customer service staff often meet customers and ask them if they can make a strong magnet as large or as thin as possible. In fact, all of these are OK. But it's too big, its magnetic force is very strong, and it's very inconvenient to use. As soon as it touches the iron product, the strong magnet will be strongly absorbed, which is easy to break the magnet, and it will hurt people seriously, so we won't recommend that the customer use it too big. Secondly, when the magnet is too thin, it's also inconvenient to use it, because it's rare earth, which is very easy to disconnect , plus the strong magnetic force, it is easy to cause waste of product cost.

Some customers need magnet thickness of 0.2mm, 0.3mm for product design. What should we do? For such a thin thickness, I can't help it, because the blades of the magnet processing machine have a certain thickness, which is too thin for us to produce. About 0.5mm is relatively easy to produce.

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