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2018-12-20 14:38:29

Why do you choose our company's magnetic badges?


What is the magnetic badge?

The preferred magnetic badge, many people do not feel strange, it is made of PVC materials, including neodymium magnets, hardware and plastic materials. The magnetic accessories of the name badge have any style, shape and color. They can be made in various shapes or styles according to customer's requirements. But the name badge magnetism has a powerful magnetic fastener that can be fixed to clothing that cannot retain pins without damaging or expensive clothing. At the same time, these badges provide a good choice for tourists, employees and other common identifiers to be quickly

Why do you choose us?

B.K. MAG has made millions of magnetic backings for badges and buttons since 2008. Now we have grown into one of the largest suppliers of badge magnets in China. We have all kinds of badge magnets, including triple badge magnets, clothing badge magnets, office magnets,small button magnets and so on. B. K. MAG can provide more than 15 types of magnets with superior quality. Of course, if you need it, we can customize it for you. At the inventory level, we have huge badge magnets. If you need it urgently, you can deliver less than 50,000 pieces in 7 days.Not only that, but also our fair price will bring you more business super customer service. If you have any questions or needs, just contact us free of charge. We are willing to answer all your questions. Finally, if someone has a pacemaker, we don't mind wearing a magnetic brand.


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